How to Say Good Morning in French Correctly (15 Common Ways)

Saying “Good Morning” is a universal gesture of kindness and politeness, and in French culture, it carries its own unique charm. In this guide, we’ll explore various ways to say good morning in French, ranging from basic greetings to more nuanced expressions.

1. Basic Greetings: “Bonjour”

The most common and straightforward way to say good morning in French is by using the word “Bonjour.” This is a polite and standard greeting suitable for any situation.

3. Casual Expressions: “Salut le matin !”

For a more casual approach, you can use “Salut le matin !”, which translates to “Hi in the morning!” This is suitable for informal settings with friends or close acquaintances.

4. Warm Wishes: “Bonne matinée”

To wish someone a good morning, you can say “Bonne matinée,” which directly translates to “Good morning.” It adds a warm touch to your greeting.

5. Have a Nice Morning: “Passe une bonne matinée”

A slightly extended version is “Passe une bonne matinée,” meaning “Have a good morning.” This expression is friendly and conveys a genuine wish for a positive start to the day.

6. Wishing a Good Day: “Bonne journée”

Expanding beyond the morning, you can use “Bonne journée” to wish someone a good day. This phrase is versatile and appropriate throughout the day.

7. Embracing the Morning Coolness: “Matin frais, bonjour de paix !”

Acknowledge the refreshing coolness of the morning with this unique expression: “Matin frais, bonjour de paix!” which translates to “Fresh morning, greetings of peace!” This poetic phrase not only recognizes the cool atmosphere but also adds a touch of tranquility and serenity to your morning wishes. It’s a wonderful way to convey a sense of calmness and peacefulness as the day begins.

8. Salut, lève-tôt

This informal expression translates to “Hi, early riser!” and is perfect for addressing someone who’s up and about early in the morning.

9. Matin bonheur à toi !

Wish someone a “morning of happiness” with this charming phrase, expressing a heartfelt desire for joy and positivity.

10. Réveille-toi en beauté

Encourage someone to wake up beautifully with this phrase, which translates to “Wake up in beauty!” It’s a sweet and uplifting way to wish someone a good morning.

2. Formal Good Morning: “Bonjour, comment ça va ?”

To add a touch of formality and inquire about someone’s well-being, you can use the phrase “Bonjour, comment ça va ?” which means “Good morning, how are you?”

11. Bonjour à la fraîche

Capture the freshness of the morning with this phrase, translating to “Good morning in the freshness!” It’s a charming way to acknowledge the coolness of the early hours.

12. Que cette matinée te soit douce !”

Extend warm wishes with this elegant expression, meaning “May this morning be sweet to you!” It conveys a sense of tenderness and care.

13″Bonjour, radieux comme d’habitude !”

Compliment someone on their radiance with this phrase, meaning “Good morning, radiant as usual!” It adds a touch of admiration to your greeting

14. Bonjour, éclatant comme le soleil !”

Literally meaning “Good morning, radiant like the sun!” this poetic expression infuses warmth into your greeting, making it ideal for friends and loved ones.

15. Haut les cœurs ce matin

Encourage a positive mindset with this expression, which means “Heads up this morning!” It conveys a sense of optimism and encouragement for the day ahead.


Summarize key points from the guide and emphasize the importance of using appropriate morning greetings in French as a means of cultural respect and effective communication.

By mastering these common ways to say good morning in French, you’ll not only enhance your language skills but also connect more authentically with French speakers in various social and professional settings.

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